by Nathan Winant

News, 1/11/2007:

Release v13.1.0 of Markout. Basically the same, but now uses the new 'n' improved MarkdownJ 0.3.0.

Markout is a wiki markup processor written in Java that extends Markdown, a lightweight markup language. Like Markdown, Markout is both a syntax and a processor. At the moment, Markout just adds a few kinds of free links. They are:

[[RESOURCE_NAME]]       <- Documents
[[category:RESOURCE_NAME]]  <- Categories
[[image:RESOURCE_NAME]]     <- Images
ResourceName            <- WikiWords

... although this may grow in the future. In order to avoid breaking the Markdown syntax (well, too terribly), Markout is written as a preprocessor for a Markdown processor. It is specifically built around MarkdownJ, and requires the MarkdownJ libs in order to do its thang.

The Markout processor can convert Markout markup either to Markdown or directly to XHTML. It also adds a few conveniences around MarkdownJ: the ability to wrap the generated XHTML in a CDATA block, to wrap it in a parent element, or to return it as a complete XHTML Transitional document.

Instructions on how to get stuff done can be found in the Usage file. Further description of the available free link patterns is in the Patterns file. The Markout binary is provided in a convenient, delicious PartyPack. There is also, predictably, a ChangeLog.

This project is licensed under a revised BSD license. See the License file for more information.

Markout is generously hosted by SourceForge.