Markout ChangeLog

Version 13.1.0 - 1/11/2007

Uses the new 'n' improved MarkdownJ 0.3.0.

Version 13.0.0 - 12/23/2006

The original release!

Notes on version numbers

Revisions within a major version may add functionality to the API, but they will never remove functionality from prior revisions within the same major release. In other words, you may upgrade within a given major release (ie, 13.0.0 to 13.1.0) without having to alter the markout calls that your code is making. Of course, in this fallen world there always exists the possibility that subsequent revisions will introduce bugs (although we'll do our best to avoid that, of course.) Elements of the API may be changed or dropped between major releases, although this will not always necessarily be the case.